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Ticia Kribbs, MD

Ticia Kribbs. MD, wants to get to know her patients, and not just their medical history and issues. "I like to build strong relationships with both my patients and their parents," Dr. Kribbs explained. "Knowing your child's newest nickname, love of cowboy boots, excitement about starting gymnastics or apprehension about a new sibling all help to build a trusting relationship. Getting to know your family is the most fun part of my job!"

Dr. Kribbs works to give parents the information and support they need to be more confident during some of their most stressful times. "I hope to educate parents and help them find confidence in themselves and their ability to face the hurdles of parenthood, and that starts right when they bring their baby home" Dr. Kribbs said. "Newborn nursery care and the first months home from the hospital are the most challenging. I enjoy assisting families to make this transition as smooth as possible. I love to peruse the latest baby and child products, gadgets and books. I spend lots of time figuring out which products are helpful and which are not."

Dr. Kribbs has her own product testing crew at home. "My husband, Scott, and I have a son and daughter who help us fall asleep as soon as our heads touch the pillow!" she joked. "We play dress-up, chase, tea party, pet shop and restaurant constantly! And we also spend plenty of time at our family farm in Pilot Mountain. We are trying our hand at raising chickens, grass fed beef cattle, pasture raised poultry chickens, ducks, and a guard donkey. Our garden overflows with tomatoes and beans, so we are canning and freezing all summer long. We believe in resting our feet in the creek, fishing, getting muddy, and working hard. We are outside as much as possible.

"I was born and raised in Wilkesboro," Dr. Kribbs added. "My mother is a retired teacher and my father owns a tire business called Myers Tire that his father started 50 years ago! I have such great memories from growing up, and I'm so happy my kids are getting to enjoy some of the same experiences."

Dr. Kribbs says raising children has given her a new perspective and taught her many things, including:

  • It is impossible to cuddle a child too much.
  • An algae-eater in your fish tank will change your life.
  • Runaway bunnies can and do come home after three nights outside in the pouring rain.
  • Children will tell you they can't live without TV, but without it, their play is much more in-depth and imaginative.
  • A tiny bit of Hershey's syrup in milk will help your child get their needed calcium and vitamin D.
  • Each child needs two pair of mud shoes.
  • Club soda gets out blood stains.

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